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Sankey Flow Show is rich in features and design options. A complete UML icons and shapes library, frozen background items (swimlanes), various line styles, color palettes, view modes (constant width vs. Sankey) are just some of the highlights. Discover how simple it is to make attractive UML diagrams with Sankey Flow Show.
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Activity diagram
This example diagram shows a shopping and checkout process.
Activity diagram with swimlanes
This example shows how to get money from an ATM.
Class diagram
This example shows the classes of an online shop.
Communication diagram
This example shows the communication scheme of an online shop.
Component diagram
This example shows the basic components of a store.
Deployment diagram
This example shows a deployment diagram for a web app with two main modules: "Creator" and "Publisher".
Interaction overview diagram
This example shows the interactions in an online shopping process.
Object diagram
This example shows an object diagram for customer orders.
Package diagram
This example shows the packaging in application context of customer orders and shipment.
Sequence diagram
This example sequence diagram is about withdrawing money from a cash point.
State machine diagram
This examples shows the states of a document (new, draft, ..., reviewed, published).
State machine diagram issue tracking
This examples shows the states of an issue within an issue tracking system.
Timing diagram
This example shows the typical time profile for a web application.
Use case diagram
This example shows use cases in a license management system.

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Sankey Flow Show reduces your effort! Drawing attractive diagrams with Sankey Flow Show is straight forward. And once a diagram is drawn, you can apply other color palettes with a single click to find the best setting for your diagram. Discover how easy and fast you can draw interesting diagrams.

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