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student & test
Cost free and restricted version for students and for test purpose.
€ 3.49* /month
paid yearly
Unrestricted version for business users with extended feature set.
€ 14.99* /month
paid yearly
Version for publication of diagrams with interactive data input forms.
*plus VAT (depending on your country), Teamlicenses are available - for more information, see the uprade page.
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We rely on sustainable business ethics on the Internet: The free version of Sankey Flow Show is designed to help students and non-commercial users with only a few limitations. For professional users the versions Pro and Publisher make a fair offer. Please give us your feedback if you disagree.

Features Free Pro Publisher
student & test
Restrictions Yes
Classic flow diagrams
Sankey diagrams
Others (Circuit, P&I, UML, etc.)
Download as SVG/JPG/etc.
Local storage (browser db)
Cloud storage
Revision history max. 10 revisions
Customizable input forms
Scenario management
Logical dependencies
Mathematical formulas
Publish interactive diagrams
Embed interactive diagrams in web pages

Restrictions of free student and test license

  • Create max. 10 diagrams
  • Attribution visible: "Created with Sankey Flow Show"
  • Fix diagram size: 1200x800 px

Your advantages with a Pro license

All functions of the free license

Attractive flow diagrams made in minutes! - Have you already tested Sankey Flow Show and tested this promise? All functions of the free license, as for example the shapes and icons library, drag'n'drop mechanisms, download/export as svg, jpg, png, pdf, etc. are of course also available with the Pro licenses, you get even more possibilities.

Draw an unlimited number of diagrams

Hide "Created with..." attribution

Change the diagram size freely

Unlimited number of revisions

When a modified diagram is closed, a new revision (also called "version") is created automatically. In addition, you can save revisions explicitly via a menu function (for example, when the work has reached a certain state). You can examine previous revisions of a diagram and restore them using the "Save As" function.

Save diagrams in the Sankey Flow Show cloud

In Sankey Flow Show, you can choose where your diagrams are stored. The "Local Browser Database" option included in the free license has some advantages (e.g. speed, data not leaving the device, etc.), but also some disadvantages. If your diagrams are stored in the Sankey Flow Show Cloud, then you can access them from other devices. This helps not only in the daily work but also with a move to a new computer. In addition, the Sankey Flow Show Cloud includes an automatic backup (for the diagrams stored in the local browser database, we recommend downloading them from time to time and storing them in a secure location).

Save diagrams on your Google Drive

Share diagrams with others

Collaboration with others becomes more straightforward and efficient when files are stored in a central location. In Sankey Flow Show, you decide who can view your diagrams and you grant rights (just view or edit).

Collaborate live

Opening and editing a diagram on different continents at the same time is somehow fascinating and fun. But it can also bring real benefits, for example as a supporting medium in a telephone call.


Sankey Flow Show wizards can automatically generate Sankey diagrams that follow a particular pattern. You can enter values ​​as well as descriptions and select options in a data input dialog. Then a diagram is automatically created according to a corresponding pattern and then you can edit them in the usual way in order to work out details or to change the design. Sankey Wizards help you to speed up; They are currently available for the following patterns:

Producer vs. consumer
Meshed columns

Customizable data input forms

Once a diagram is drawn, you may want to reuse it with other values or a value changes later. In Sankey Flow Show, you can specify the type "user input" for selected elements (A1, A2, A3, B1 in the example below). Sankey Flow Show automatically creates a data input form, which can be adjusted manually if required. Manual graphical changes are no longer necessary for a value change.- Click on the "More" button in the upper left corner of the diagram to see an example of a data input form.

Scenario management

Drawing a diagram once and then applying it to different value sets is a basic idea of ​​Sankey Flow Show. A simple scenario management completes this idea. - Please click the green "More" button in the diagram and then the second icon in the header to see the sample scenarios "_Base_", "XXX" and "YYY".

Logical dependencies and mathematical formulas

If your requirements grow beyond simply drawing a diagram, then you'll be amazed at how powerful the modeling possibilities in Sankey Flow Show are. Logical dependencies and mathematical formula references are the answer of Sankey Flow Show to the needs of advanced users. In the example above, values should be passed on ​​from left to right. To do this, we have set B2 to "aggregate (IN-> OUT)", C to "fixed ratio", D2 to "fixed values​​" and D1 to "auto-adjust".

Please click the green "More" button to change values and see how the picture changes and the value of D1 is automatically adjusted.

Your advantages with a Publisher license

All functions of the Pro license

Publish interactive diagrams

Publish diagrams including interactive data input forms with 3 simple clicks:

  1. Click the "Menu" icon
  2. Click the menu item "Publish"
  3. Click the "Publish" button in the opened dialog
  4. Ready!

Embed published diagrams in your web pages

After publishing a diagram, a html snippet is displayed in the publisher dialog. Simply copy it to your web site. - Below you see the snippet of a sample diagram. You may use it for test purposes.

<div style="width: 700px; margin: 50px auto; border: 1pt solid #a9bf04;"><iframe src="" width="700" height="320" style="border: none;"/></div>

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