Tips and tricks

Techniques to raise efficiency.

Copy parts of a diagram to another diagram

  1. Open diagram A and select the items to copy
  2. Press <Ctrl>-C
  3. Click at the Sankey Flow Show icon in the top left corner to open another tab in your browser
  4. Open diagram B
  5. Press <Ctrl>-V
Connections between the copied items are automatically detected and included in your Copy'n'Paste.

Select all items of a kind

Whithin complex diagrams with many items, you may want to select all items of a kind. (E.g. set the fill color of all resistor symbols in a circuit diagram)

  1. Select one item of the desired kind (e.g. resistor symbol)
  2. Press <Ctrl>-Q (eQual)

Set default properties

  1. Select an item
  2. Set the fill color, line style, etc. as desired
  3. Click at "Paste to default" in the button panel at the top
  4. Drag a new item from the shape library onto the diagram surface

You can set the default connection properties in the same way.

Draw sankey diagrams without value questions

If you prefer to draw your sankey diagram first and enter the values in a second step, then you may find the value questions on connecting items disturbing. In this case toggle the view mode from "Sankey" to "Constant width". After that, new connections will get the value "1" without a question. Toggle it back to "Sankey" after you finished drawing and enter the values in the "Data" panel.
Layout techniques
Learn from our experiences and ideas.

Control the width-to-height ratio

Width = Height: Hold the <shift>-key down while you drag an items corner handle to get a quadratic bounding rectangle.

Original ratio: Hold the <ctrl>-key down while you drag an items corner handle to get the original width-to-height ratio (from the shape library).

Align and distribute items

  1. Move the last item to the desired position
  2. Select all items
  3. Find the tab "Layout tools" in the "Design" properties panel and click at "Vertical: Adjust middle"
  4. Click at "Horizontal: Distribute centers" or "Horizontal: Distribute equidistant"

The picture shows the difference between "distribute item centers" and "distribute equidistant".

Split a connection and insert a new item

Drag an item from the shape library over an existing connection and release the mouse button when you see the line glowing.

Remark: the line needs to be wide enough to hold the new item.

Other cool stuff
Uncover interesting details.

Suppress snapping

Hold the <Alt>-key down.

Dashed and dotted connections

When you set the line style of a connection to "dashed", the connection appears with a dashed outline path. - Set the checkmark "hairline" in the connection properties to get a dashed connection as shown in the lower part of the picture. You can also utilize the "hairline" property to escape from Sankey mode for single connections and control their widths with the line width property.

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